Hi I'm MAnish

Brand Strategist

Hi I’m Manish Koshyari aka MK and I know that I have come into this world with a clear purpose and mission:

To Build 1,000,000Β  EdTech Startups and Coaching businesses to clarify their brand so that they can find their voice, reach more people and monetize authentically.Β 

I truly appreciate the fact that you’re here.

I want to develop a deep virtual relationship with you.

Because I value your time here. Because I value you.

And for that, I would like to share a little about myself.

My Background

When I got started in the digital world4 years ago, I had no idea what I’d be getting myself into. I had no idea I was going to take a tough decision to meet the demand, a totally different path from the rest of my colleagues, dive into those self-help books, really begin to check myself, step up, and turn my life around. The books, videos, music, and self-education I consumed along the way changed the way I saw myself and the world around me.

When I was in school, I always want to do something different. But don’t what to. During college, I came to know about Digital Marketing.Β  I started learning and practicing Digital marketing in 2018. From Google and then Joining Digital Marketing Institute in Bangalore in 2019, After completing my course I came to My hometown & decided to start from there.

After learning all the skills needed. In 2019, I got my first ever client for website building, the client was very happy by seeing the beautiful website I created for him. After that, I worked with a Music & Dance academy and build a unique brand in the city.

I working with Entrepreneurs, business growth expert, and a Health & Wellness company to rebuild its brand in the marketplace.Β 

And also I am working on more startups related to education and collaborations through which I can test my knowledge, ability and help people out there who also want to change the current method of education.