I'm a brand strategist helping people clarify their brand, find their voice and impact millions of people with it.

“Be conscious of your influence in the world. You’re more powerful than you think. Whether you’re an influencer, entrepreneur, older sibling, mother, father, mentor, colleague, or friend – Our views, words, decisions, lifestyle and work have a bigger influence on the people around us than we can even begin to imagine. So as we evolve as people, we allow the world around us to evolve too. One man can’t change the world, but a village could.”

- Manish Koshyari


I’m a brand strategist by day and creator by night. At heart, I’m an activist. I help people clarify their brand so that they can find their voice, reach more people and monetize authentically.

The process begins with the brand strategy (message, audience, etc.) and ends in execution building the brand (website, logo, content creation). Different type of people I work with include entrepreneurs, influencers, activists, speakers, youtubers, coaches, authors, consultants, creatives, and nomads.


When I got started in the branding world a decade ago, I had no idea what I’d be getting myself into. I had no idea I was going to have to drop out of college to meet the demand, run into brick walls, question why I left in the first place, dive into those self-help books, really begin to check myself, step up, and turn my life around. The books, videos, music and self-education I consumed along the way changed the way I saw myself and the world around me.

I’m still on my journey and wouldn’t say I’m the motivational speaker of the year, but I have dedicated my work to only help people who are elevating society. People who inspire us to question ourselves, the world around us and our own human potential. There’s kids searching for answers and people struggling to find peace. All it takes is one video, book or song to change the trajectory of somebody’s entire life.

One man can’t change the world, but a village could. The question is, are you down for the ride?

- Manish Koshyari

About Me

My story started a decade ago in Toronto when I found myself in a situation that forced me to start a business. I’d been using photoshop since I was 13 and loved design, so I thought becoming a designer on Fiverr would be a good start.

The design work led me study marketing, psychology, human behaviour, and years later take everything full circle into a branding agency. The ride took me from working with health & wellness entrepreneurs to influencers & thought leaders. I wanted my work to be much more than just making someone look good online. It needed to produce results–whether that was in the form of a sale, opportunity, follow, or a “You saved my life” DM. As long as it did something, I was happy. So overtime, my work evolved into something much bigger than me.

Looking back, it humbles me to see the places around the globe this work has taken me. I’ve already met so many souls, but I’m grateful to know this is only the beginning.


“If you have ever felt like you were born here to do something BIG, then you probably were. That feeling isn’t just a figment of imagination from our ego, it’s our intuition. Whenever you hear that voice, never doubt it.”

What I Do

Brand Analysis

Social media marketing



Need the game plan? Don’t we all. Apply for a 55-minute 1-on-1 call with me so that we can analyze your brand, map out where you want to be and strategize the plan that will get you there the fastest.